my guy

Reading is my Passion.

I reading is my Passion, I would do almost any thing for a good book, a peaceful place to read and my iPod playing my fave songs.
I also love reading and making up fanfics with my besties.
I would also sketch my fave scenes in different books.
My friends would always tell me that we could create a library in my house, with my books for the teen section, my younger sisters books for children and adult from my grandparents ( I guess that reading is in the family blood).

Drawing is my second Passion in life.
I love drawing wacky things and funny comic strips.
I also love drawing with my besties (one of the many things we have in common) different comic strips of our fanfics and our fave scenes in different books (we are the worst judges there is, if we are commenting in each others work we are very harsh, even if others say that our work our beautiful we would always say thats alright. Harsh right?)

Thats all for now , I have to go bye for now. XD!



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